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Family owned & operated chimney sweep business of certified chimney technicians providing over 23 years experience of chimney cleaning, chimney repairs, chimney liners, chimney, fireplace and stove installations and all phases of residential and commercial chimney services in Middletown NY and Orange County

Middletown NY Chimney Sweep – Chimney Repair – Fireplace and Stove Installation Services in Middletown NY

Middltown NY Chimney Sweep - Chimney Repair Services in Middletown NY
Chimney Sweep and Chimney Masonry Repointing Prepwork

Hudson River Chimney is proud to offer its high quality chimney services to residents in the beautiful neighborhood of Middletown NY.  Our certified and fully insured chimney sweep technicians preform all phases of chimney cleaning, chimney repairs, chimney inspections, chimney caps,  and chimney installations to all Middletown NY homes, buildings, businesses and institutions. We arrive in our company vehicle in full uniform wearing our certification badges carrying our chimney tools to provide the most professional of all chimney service in the region. We strive to provide quality customer service and chimney workmanship at afford prices to all of our customers in Middletown NY.

Customers in Middletown NY call Hudson River Chimney for all of their annual chimney sweeps and chimney inspections because we have earned their trust with our many years experience and expertise in the chimney industry. Not only do we provide the most amazing customer service from the office to the certified technicians in the truck. But we guarantee all of our top notch work and provide written inspection reports, receipts, and written warranty cards. We believe in making a living off of customers in Middletown NY without overcharging them. We believe that if you provide quality workmanship at a competitive and reasonable price combined with great customer service you win that customer for life! That’s why when home and business owners are getting ready to kick on that furnace, or get that beautiful fireplace, wood stove, or pellet stove burning, they call on Hudson River Chimney to handle all of their chimney maintenance, service, and repairs. Don’t wait call us before you burn!

Our Guarantee to all our Middletown NY customers

Middletown NY Chimney Sweep - Chimney Repairs - Chimney Caps - Chimney Liner Services in Middletown NY
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At Hudson River Chimney we pledge to provide Middletown NY with the most impeccable customer service and the highest level of expertise in the chimney industry. We promise to only have certified and insured chimney sweep professionals work on your chimneys home. We promise to keep your chimney and venting systems safe and your home mess free when providing our chimney repairs, chimney cleanings, chimney liners and relining, chimney stove and fireplace insert and restoration services. We promise only to use the best materials and install everything in your home 100% in alignment with the National Fire Protection Associations NFPA 211 and all local Middletown NY chimney building Codes

Commercial Chimney Services in Middletown NY

Founders of Hudson River Chimney spent years working on some of the largest and oldest chimneys in the country in New York City. We have experience installing 10 gauge stainless steel boiler stacks / chimney liners on buildings as tall as 40 stories. We have installed fireplaces in new buildings being built in New York City and also restored fireplaces and chimneys over 200 years old as well. We have experience working on chimneys in big buildings, highrises, schools, small business stores, hospitals and more. No business, building, or institutions chimney is to big for us. We also Provide all types of maintenance and repairs to apartment buildings, condos, complexes, and more! Call today to find out why Middletown NY and all of Orange County trust Hudson River Chimney to service their chimneys, fireplaces, wood stoves, and pellet stoves!

Hudson River Chimney Middletown NY Chimney Services & Chimney Repairs

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Commercial Chimney Services in middletown NY:

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All Phases of Residential Commercial Chimney Work

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