Masonry Chimney Repairs

Chimney Tuckpointing / Repointing

After about 20-30 years your chimneys mortar joints will usually start to crack or deteriorate without having been regularly waterproofed. Hudson River Chimney has repairs hundred of chimneys with this condition and will properly fix this for you. Our technicians will “grind” out every mortar joint that needs to be reset with a thick diamond blade using an angle grinder. We will then reset the proper cement mortar to the joints to ensure your chimney stays in great shape for years to come.

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Chimney Tuckpointing

Chimney Crown / Wash Repairs

You may notice at the very top of your masonry chimney there is a cement “crown”. The crown or “wash” serves the purpose of allowing water to run off of the chimney to keep it from damaging the chimney. Over time due to water damage or poor workmanship the chimney crown can start to crack and fall apart. Depending on the severity of the damage there is many different ways Hudson River Chimney can rectify this for you.

  • Crack resistant rubberized cement coatings
  • Traditional cement chimney crown rebuilds
  • Overhanging reinforced concrete crown