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Chimney Linings & External Stacks

Hudson River Chimney provides quality stainless steel chimney linings & stacks for all your residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.  When converting from oil types or from oil to natural gas our certified chimney technicians can preform smoke test to your commercial boiler chimney to determine if your chimney is safe to vent and contain the products of combustion from your residential & commercial building.

Fireplace Restoration

Hudson River Chimney is your trusted industry professional when it comes to the safe operation of your buildings fireplaces. Our certified chimney technicians are prepared to install stainless steel liners & chimney stacks to get your buildings fireplaces operational and up to code. We are equip to set up clean rooms to properly restore the smoke chambers in every fireplace creating  a consistent smooth transition from your firebox to your new chimney lining ensuring all the byproducts from your fire are safely vented out of the building. When natural draft is not a possibility Hudson River Chimney can work with your electrician to install electric exhaust fans solving any draft issues.


HOA Chimney Sweeping & Maintenance

Hudson River Chimney’s commercial chimney division provides competitive chimney sweeping rates for your Home Owners Association & Property Management Companies. Our certified chimney technicians will preform rotary powered chimney sweepings¬† using state of the art power sweeping equipment and heavy duty HEPA filtered industrial vacuums ensuring a mess free process. We preform a level 1 inspection with every chimney sweep to ensure the safe operation of your chimneys, fireplaces, and stoves. Our qualified team can also clean your buildings dryer vents at a competitive rate!


Level 2 Video Inspections

Hudson River Chimney’s experienced commercial chimney division uses state of the art closed circuit video scanning equipment to inspect every aspect of your chimney flue / lining. Our technicians will provide you with a recording of the inside of your buildings chimney lining so you see what we see.

Prefabricated Fireplaces & New Construction

Hudson River Chimney can provide & install some of the most efficient and attractive wood burning and natural gas fireplace appliances for your new building or building renovation. Not only can we provide quality workmanship and chimney systems, but we can also sell you the fireplace of yourself or clients dreams adding significant value to your commercial and residential building.


Exhaust Fans

In the event your fireplace or chimney system is unable to naturally vent the products of combustion from your building, Hudson River Chimney can install an exhaust fan to solve any draft issue. You can rest easily knowing your chimney is in the hands of the commercial chimney professionals.