Fireplace Insert / Wood Stove Installation

In some instances weather it be to save money on your heating bill, restoring an old fireplace, or another reason you may have thought about installing a stove or insert. Hudson River Chimney is more than equipped to handle this job for you. We also work with local fireplace and stove companies to help you select the appliance that is right for your home. The fireplace is the heart of the home. Let us help you bring it back to life.

Prefab Chimney Installation:

Many new homes being built since the 90s especially as of late are no longer being built with masonry. Most homes now are built with double wall steel pipes. In addition to many new homes being built this way, in some instances the most reliable and cost efficient way to fix a masonry chimney on an older home is to do away with the old chimney and install new double wall pipe either out the side of the home or up through the ceiling and roof. Hudson River Chimney is certified and knowledgeable to the proper clearance codes and installation methods to get this type of job done for you efficiently.

Chimney Caps / Chimney Covers:

One of the most vital pieces to keep your chimney system in safe working condition is to install a chimney cap. The purpose of chimney caps is to keep rain, potential blockages, and animals outside of your chimney. Many byproducts inside your chimney can mix with water getting in, to cause a chemical reaction that can start to rapidly deteriorate your chimneys lining creating a hazardous condition. All of our trucks regularly stock standard chimney cap sizes and can install these for you at a reasonable price to save your chimney from these dangers and save your family money on avoidable repairs.

Relining / Liners:

Many scenarios can occur which can leave your chimney flue tiles damaged to a point where your system may become inefficient or unusable. Hudson River Chimney is prepared to rectify these situations to keep your home safe. The most common and effective way to reline a masonry chimney is with a stainless steel liner. It is very important when having this job done to use a trained certified professional to make sure your chimney will be properly relined with the right sized liner, the proper material, alloy, and many other important factors such as insulating certain liners. Many different variables go into properly relining a flue depending on the heating system (oil, gas, wood, traditional fireplace, insert, stove, etc ) all of our technicians are certified, properly trained, and well equipped to handle this type of job for you.


Fireplace Restoration:

Throughout the Hudson Valley and Capital District unfortunately there are many old/historic homes that have beautiful masonry fireplaces that no longer function properly. Hudson River Chimney is equipped to restore these fireplaces and get them back to working order without losing that historical fireplace everybody loves. there are many different solutions depending on the condition of your homes hearth and fireplace

  • Smoke Chamber Repair
  • Firebox Repair
  • Damper Replacement
  • Insulated Heavywall Stainless Steel Liners
  • Electric Exhaust Fans
  • Wind Powered Caps
  • Vacustacks